Glory Link Beatz – Raissa

Glory Link Beatz - Raissa
Glory Link Beatz – Raissa
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Durée:3:36   Année»:2018
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#Raïssa Lyrics

(Intro) Yah Allah ,glory Link Kill The Beat ,from Congo To Bk I Give More For Fans ( I loose my mind i don’t see more others,girl you made me a favorite. I think that i find i don’t want more oders ,your smile is not pirate) {glory link on the beat oh eh}

(verse 1) Baby; when i see u the first time you killed me by your look,eheh ee ayayaya

Lady;your girl friend where all funny but i think you are more than they eh… ola mamy oh,alla mamy oh, i think i’m on the right roard , dance for me oh dance for me oh ,i feel like i have a good job

I go die for your matter baby if you gimme a dance,congolese queen you’re the better i saw that day you chop the kiss (bumbah)

Dance it like a jamaican,baby move your body like a south african,me i be fight like jackie chan, i know what u need,you need a real man

Shake it shake it, break it break it,whine to the top baby dance it for me ,shake it shake it break it break it, if u wanna a clop i’ll give u baby

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